September 23, 2011

Sunrise at the Golden Dam

I feel incredibly lucky today. I had a great time doing street photography in Kansas City yesterday, and this morning I couldn’t sleep. Fortunately, I took advantage of the opportunity. I grabbed my bag and decided to see if I could catch the sunrise over the Kansas River and I’m very pleased with the results.

At first I was shooting in black and white, still shooting with my 35mm lens from the day before. The sunrise wasn’t looking promising at first. There was a line of clouds stretching across the horizon that I was afraid would block the sun. I’m sure glad I stuck it out. The image above was taken as the mist from the dam below the bridge was floating up into the air. The partially blocked grain silo made for a very moody image.

Then I saw the light being reflected off the water as it arched down into the rapids below, so I switched over to my 135mm f/2.8 lens. The sun was just peaking through the clouds casting a dramatic golden light onto the water. The detail from these images shot at 24 megapixels is astounding. I really want to blow one of these up to 24x36, I think they’ll look great. I’m really fortunate that the weather has been so nice the past few days. Photography is the one area I can imagine that has such an upside to not being able to get to sleep.

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