January 01, 2012

My Favorite Street Photos of 2011

Now that the year has finally ended, I thought I would go back and select my favorite street images of 2011. 2011 was a big year for me photographically. This year I really started shooting street seriously. The whole process has been about me forcing me to get out of my comfort zone and working on overcoming my shyness. I’m still as shy as I ever was, but I’m learning to push past it to make the images I want to make.

I do shoot with my iPhone on occasion, and– it’s slow operation–it produced one of my favorite street photos of 2011. This is probably also my most talked about image when I’ve shown it.

Getting out of my rather sedentary lifestyle and going where the images are have made for some of the most rewarding experiences of the last year. Heading to the Fiesta Mexicana in Topeka last year with my camera led to two of my favorite images, taken within minutes of each other.

This one, also from the Fiesta Mexicana was an image whose endearing qualities were not immediately apparent when I took the picture. After processing the image I noticed the large heart shape seemingly emanating from the boy like a cartoon character captured in the throws of love.

This image was one of the few successful pictures that I’ve taken this year that wasn’t simply a quick reaction shot. This little girl popped out her head and looked straight at me after I had focused and composed; my anticipation paid off.

Driving out to Hutchinson for the Kansas State Fair was just a random idea that ended up paying off. It was something I never would have thought of doing had I not had street photography in mind. This image was not initially one of my first pics of the day, but it has quickly grown into one of my favorites. I like the line of kids stretching off into the distance and especially the pigtails hanging in the air of the jumping girl.

The other image in this series that I anticipated. This particular wet spot at the fair was a mecca for kids wanting to get drenched. Fortunately, my camera could keep up with the action in low light and the kids didn’t seem to notice me.

Probably the most successful reactionary, instinctive shot I’ve taken. I started out drawn towards the light of this street-side restaurant, turned to noticed the group sitting there, paused to compose, clicked the shutter, and then continued on my way.

I took this image on the same night as above. The dynamic between the family here and it’s slightly incongruous nature keeps me constantly coming back to re-examine the image.

A random decision to drive to Kansas City rewarded me with the most fantastic light being reflected by tall buildings. The various glowing reflections in this image appear quite surreal.

The last image in this series belongs to a trip to Seattle to visit a friend. There are not as many opportunities to get a birds-eye view of the street in Kansas as there are in Seattle. And it reinforces the idea that having your camera with you all the time is very important. You never know when or where an interesting photographic opportunity will pop up.

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